Top 9 Ways To Be Smart Among Your Friends




Shri Sunil Singh

Shri Sunil Singh

21 Jun 2014

Here are Top 9 Ways To Be Smart Among Your Friends, Are you the one who feels that i don't have any foggiest idea of what the people/friends are talking about?

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Are you the one who feels that i don't have any foggiest idea of what the people/friends are talking about?

Are you the one who seeks every second somebody's support? Or rely upon someone all the times?

Are you the one who keeps mum when some sorta discussion takes place?

Hey buddy, Are you the one whose integrity ain't given importance but denigrated?

Do your colleagues make the fun or tease you deliberately?

If yes then you ain't enough wise to handle the situation. And wisdom is not something which you're born with.
You gotta strive hard sometime not physically but mentally to get sanity and wisdom to tackle the over-smart people.
The minute they let you down you have got to answer them perfectly which can make their trap shut.
All you need to do is to follow some tremendous idea which really can change your personality.

1. Do not stop learning

Lemme tell you folks, the actual Education is not based on your diplomas and degrees. Everyone has degree but not intellectuality, sanity and moreover maturity.
And the word learning doesn't mean that you would be buying subjective books. No not at all.

2. Watch movies

Whether you're 50 or 15, it doesn't matter. If someone converse with you about some latest movie, your reply remains same "I don't watch movie" or rarely I watch idiot box coz I am not an idiot bla bla.
Why don't you speak truth and say that I ain't got knowledge about movies and all. If you ain't got information about recent movies or blockbuster movie.
So this situation might let you down and again you would be the victim of not being smart.
But just watching movie is not about to make you smartest one. You better get the somewhat information about leading actors.
Google has already opened its door to lead you towards your smartest one personality.
So, I recommend you to watch movies which not only entertain you but lead you towards pool of knowledge.

Your one decision can make you smart

3. You need to be informative.


The more secure you are more limited you become if you do not have Dreams


It is said that jack of all trade can be better sometime than master in something. So, i reckon you need to break all the fence of security and start flying in the sky of knowledge then only you would be given preference.

4. Wanna be smart..?

Why don't you learn a new language..?
Language is the medium to interact with other people. And if you don't tend to do so then it directly depicts that you're not gonna be sought-after in your surroundings.
Moreover, What's your knowledge and wisdom all about if you can explain it.
And to explain you have got to be good at language. having knowledge of more then one language shows your competence and learning new language assists to improve the mind-power.

5. learn from others

Remember, Every human has got something to share and they keep on doing so. Sometime stop judging people and start having a glance of their qualities because while judging them you miss the chance of learning.
Keep on observing people who got something or have become successful. See how they talk with people, how they guide, how they react on adverse condition and most importantly how they live their lives.

6. Start asking the question from yourself

There are some sorta people who even don't have guts to ask the questions which are bothering them.
And there are some sorta people too who have got dare to ask their queries and questions from other.
But most importantly I want you to reply yourself of this question
How often do you ask question to yourself..?
Not from tomorrow, not from this day, you gotta ask the questions to yourself from this second.

Am I pleased with my job..?

Am I happy to have this city..?

Am I doing somthing wrong..?

Am I wasting my time..?

Why don't I like to watch daily soap..?

Why don't I like my boss..?

These are just instances. You might get stuck in terribly worse condition then start asking the question to yourself.
This is the way to give the time to yourself and it will surly bring the maturity in you.

7. stay up to date

Being up to date is important as taking bath is important to keep the pace and to bring the new energy to live in this hectic life. If you're not the one who loves to be up to date then you have been dragging yourself back from others and it's like thrashing carrier with hammer.

8. Make a personal dairy

You better make a dairy where you have got to jot all the experiences down and you must be having a collection of chapters where your happiest, saddest, memorable and unforgettable moments are written and it will work miracle to develop yourself and more importantly it's gonna improve your way of expressing the things which can make you good presentator.

9. Start treating the people with patience.

A smart person is who, who might not be next Einstein but intelligent enough to make the people out, make the people satisfy, fascinate and tempt the heart of person by the his/her talking sense and by his attitude.

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